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Our culinary proposal is called KITCHEN TO DREAM and it fuses ingredients from all over the world, including those of Mexican and Poblano cuisine, to achieve a mixture of flavors, textures and colors that provoke a complete sensorial experience. Depending on the season of the year and the products that are in the nearby local markets, the menu is being transformed and enriched, so new dishes and proposals are always found month by month.

Special mention should be made of the breakfasts that give us mainly Mexican options based on the morning habits of the 20 dreamers who inspire our suites.

The same goes for the martinis and gins bar, which has more than 30 options and is constantly being enriched by the requests and whims of our customers. The creations of the house are already famous, and have given us a characteristic stamp in the poblano capital, without forgetting the traditional cocktail and a varied wine list, especially Mexican.


Sharing an outdoor arcade where an old stairway marks a waterway, the Frenesí dinning room, with its simplicity and snowy elegance, offers us a space to enjoy mainly in the early hours of the morning. This space is where we offer our breakfasts.


It is installed in the main room of the old house, in which the remains of an 18th century fresco are still preserved and illuminated by the light that filters through the balconies overlooking the street. The place is the best option for informal dinning, with a lounge music background and live DJ on weekends. Recently an open-air terrace has been set up where some domes of the neighboring churches can be admired, including the imposing Angelopolitan Cathedral. This spaces is where we offer the menu of meals and dinners.